The Trickster - Also known as Lucifer, and in the Mortal Realm as the Devil. He was born into a position of power, to one of three royal thrones in the Demonic Realm.

Early Life

It is unknown when exactly Lucifer was born, though it is known his father is Nirgali, the warlord of the Demonic Realm, making him royalty. He first tried to follow in his father's footsteps, attempting to get involved in the politics of their realm. Shortly after he decided he didn't have an interest in politics, and decided to move into the Celestial Realm.

The Trickster Arises

After a short while, Lucifer gained a reputation among the Celestial Realm as a trickster, and most treated him as a pest, though he didn't mind. One day, Lucifer stumbled upon a portal leading to the Mortal Realm. Being the curious demon he was, he gladly stepped through the stone structure.

The Mortal Realm

After arriving in the Mortal Realm, The humans became fearful of his appearance, which resulted in violence towards him. He did not like this. He decided he would keep playing with the humans, though this did not end well. The humans got fed up with this, wanted to stop the fear and nightmares, so they gathered a group of men in armour to go hunting. After cornering Lucifer, each man was ready to strike the final blow. Lucifer looked down at his belt and realized he had misplaced his demonic trinket which allowed him to perform powerful illusions and magic, and so he did the only thing he could. With a sweep of an arm and a fierce shout, the small army of men dropped to the ground, leaking blood down the hill and into the village which he had been pestering. The people of the village screamed in terror and curled up in fear. Angry and frustrated, the Trickster left the Mortal Realm.

Return to the Demonic Realm

Lucifer returned to his home in the Demonic realm afterwards, prepared to apologize to his father for not following in his footsteps.He was greeted with the High Lord of the Demonic Realm and his two royal guards, one of them being his father. They informed him that he was to be banished from the Demonic Realm for giving Demons a bad name, and creating hate towards their race. Filled with anger and frustration, Lucifer gathered a small group of demons who supported him and stormed out into the Celestial Realm. There, they travelled to the great cliffs of Hellrhrend, and descended into the lava ridden caves to build a demonic kingdom devoted to tormenting men.

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